The outfit of the shoe shiner

The Streetworker Outfit

Our professional shoeshine boy comes to you as standard in the Streetworker outfit, which was the most used outfit at the time. This outfit consists of:

  • Balloon peaked cap also as sun and sight protection
  • Top made of sturdy, white-beige cotton with long sleeves
  • Wide-cut tweed wool trousers, optimal for freedom of movement
  • Matching suspenders
  • Matching, mostly Budapest shoes made of leather in reddish-brown colour
Streetworker Outfit Shoe Shine Boy
Butler Outfit shoe shiner

The Butler Outfit

You can also book our professional shoeshine boy in a butler outfit. This outfit consists of:

  • black trousers cut in the 20s - 50s
  • black waistcoat cut in the 20s - 50s
  • white shirt with patricide collar
  • black bow tie
  • high quality black leather shoes

The Knickerbocker Outfit

You can also book our shoe shiner in a sporty knickerbocker look. This outfit consists of:

  • Slouching cap, also as sun protection
  • Long-sleeved shirt, colour-coordinated with the Knickerbocker.
  • Sporty-elegant Knickerbocker
  • Trousers
  • Long knee socks
  • High-quality black or brown leather shoes

The Brand Outfit

You can also book our shoe shiners in the sporty corporate identity look of your company.

The shoe shiner will dress individually according to your ideas.

You have two options: You provide us with the desired outfit in the size we require or you tell us your desired outfit and we have this outfit made or procure it. The additional costs for this will be borne by you.




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