Book our Santa Claus

Our professional Santa Claus will be the highlight at your event. Book Santa Claus to give your guests a special gift during the Christmas season. Santa Claus always makes the eyes of young and old "shine".

Whether you book Santa Claus for an open day or for a trade fair event, he will always ensure that your event does justice to the Christmas season. And no one need be afraid, because Santa Claus always comes without an escort (i.e. without the bogeyman) so that he is really positively remembered.

The entire costume of Santa Claus is modelled on a bishop's costume - including the cane and the ring.

Our Santa Claus can hand out small promotional gifts to your guests or also read a Christmas story. In this way, Santa Claus is also able to pass on your advertising messages. Thus, you can profit twice through our Santa Claus.

Book Santa Claus now for your event, such as open house, trade fair event, congress, workshop, company party, event in shopping centre, retirement home and much more...

Santa Claus for the private party

Book our Santa Claus also for your private party, club, kindergarten or school for an extraordinary and positive experience with our Santa Claus.

Please note that for such "small events" Santa Claus can only be booked in the Lower Rhine area. If you are located within a radius of about 50 km from Krefeld, you are welcome to book Santa Claus for your private party.

For private events, Santa Claus needs a room to change into (a garage is also possible). The presents for those present should also be prepared in this room.

After the preparation, the Santa Claus enters the room and you can really feel the joy of the children. After the greeting, Santa Claus sits down on a chair provided and will speak to those present. Afterwards he will take the Golden Book to talk to the children and possibly other people about the past year. (please provide this information in advance)

Afterwards, the Santa Claus will recite a poem or a story before distributing the presents and then taking his leave.

Of course, you are welcome to recite a poem or sing a song to Santa.

Book Santa Claus now for your private celebration.




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