General terms and conditions

1. Liability

For damage or loss of the artist's utensils /  the contracting party shall be liable to the full extent, provided that the damage and loss were not caused by the artist(s)

All damaged or stolen artist's utensils / shoeshine utensils must be replaced at replacement value.

In the event of non-compliance with the service contract, the party at fault shall pay a penalty in the amount of the agreed fee.

Except one of the contracting parties can create an equivalent substitute to the agreed details in the service contract on the same dates and under the same conditions.

The Elisabeth Nitschmann & Jürgen Nitschmann GbR accepts no liability whatsoever for events that have to be cancelled due to adverse circumstances such as rain, snow, storms or other events for which the contractor is not responsible.

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The set-up of the artists' utensils generally takes place shortly before the start of the event. Should an earlier set-up be requested, the contractor's liability shall commence from that point in time.

2. Terms of payment

Prices are quoted in euros and are - unless otherwise stated - net prices, the applicable value added tax will be charged separately.

The fee is payable free of deductions in cash immediately after the end of the event or by bank transfer within 7 working days

Contractors outside Germany must pay in advance. 

3. The assembly- disassembly

The set-up of the utensils of the artist(s) will generally take place shortly before the start of the event.

If an earlier set-up is desired, all associated costs are to be borne by the contractual partner.

Dismantling shall take place immediately after the end of the event in accordance with the service contract.

If immediate dismantling is not possible, the contractual partner shall pay EUR 35.00 net per hour or part thereof until possible dismantling.

The organiser undertakes to clarify all circumstances before the actual event.
(Access routes, which floor, access cards, admission tickets, entry permits, special parking rights etc.)

A dressing room / heated room will be provided for the actors / artists / shoeshine boys for changing and depositing valuables / utensils.

This does not include toilet rooms as dressing rooms.

If valuables or costumes are stolen in the dressing room, the contractual partner shall be liable to the full extent. 

4. Arrival and departure

The travel costs will always be charged per artist / shoeshine boy / paperboy / photographer etc. from the company headquarters in Krefeld to the event location and back.

For each kilometre travelled, 0.40 Euro net. 

5. Expenses

The costs for drinks within the usual scope during the event shall be borne in full by the contractual partner.

For each day of the event (and on the day of arrival), a catering flat rate of €15.00 net will be charged.

Required hotel and parking costs are to be paid by the contractual partner.

6. Miscellaneous

The artist(s)/shoeshine boy(s) will require free parking to the extent of the artist(s) booked, which shall be provided by the contracting party.

Parking spaces that are not free of charge will be invoiced, at cost incurred.

Any admission tickets for trade fairs etc. or deposits are to be paid by the client.

Photos of the artists / shoeshine boys, the staff and the equipment (including photos taken by third parties) require our written consent before publication of any kind.

Any infringement will be legally prosecuted and a warning will be issued with costs.

The written permission is given by Elisabeth Nitschmann & Jürgen Nitschmann GbR.

Only the written service contract is authoritative.

Amendments, supplements and waiver of the written form can only be agreed in writing. Subsidiary agreements have not been made.

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply in addition.

The place of performance and jurisdiction for all claims and legal disputes arising from the service contract shall be the Krefeld Local Court.

If individual provisions of these Rules of Procedure should be void for any reason, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions.