Information about the event

What does the barrel organ player bring with him?

Our professional barrel organ player comes with the following utensils:

  • A barrel organ model Violinopan, from the organ manufacturer Stüber in Berlin
  • A barrel organ cart
  • Music on wheels: Sea shanties, songs of the 20s, marches, folk tunes, Christmas carols

Total space required 100 x 200 cm

barrel organ on table
barrel organ on wheels

The assembly and disassembly of the barrel organ

Prior to set-up:

The barrel organ needs approx. 30 minutes to acclimatise before it can be played.

The client undertakes to provide all the necessities that the shoeshine artist needs to set up and run the event (e.g. clarification of access routes, which floor, admission tickets, entry permits, special parking rights, etc.)


Set-up will take place immediately before the start of the event. If this is not possible or if you wish to set up earlier, the time from the moment of set-up will be counted as event time. These additional hours will be charged in full according to the hourly rate in the service contract.


Dismantling also takes place directly after the end of the event according to the contract. If dismantling is not possible or desired at this time, the agreed hourly rate is to be paid in full until possible dismantling.

Travel costs / expenses

In principle, you can book the barrel organ throughout Germany, Europe and of course worldwide.

  • The travel costs are calculated individually for each artist
  • Basis of calculation is the company headquarters in 47805 Krefeld
  • Invoicing is done Krefeld - venue - Krefeld
  • Invoicing per kilometre driven (basis Google Maps) 0, 40 EUR net
  • Costs for drinks within the usual scope shall be borne by the client
  • Catering flat rate of 15.00 EUR net daily
  • For events lasting several days, the client shall bear the hotel costs.
  • If the barrel organ player is booked outside Germany, further costs may be added (e.g. visa fees, tolls, airline tickets, bulky luggage, hotel accommodation, etc.)

Other information

  • The barrel organ player requires a free parking space, paid parking spaces will be charged
  • Photos of the barrel organ player and his equipment require our written consent before publication
  • A change of location during the event in the same room and on the same level is possible at any time free of charge (time required approx. 30 minutes)
  • All other conversions require more time and are subject to a charge.