Book our barrel organ

It still has a very special charm - the barrel organ with the organ grinder. The barrel organ inspires young and old. Older people remember their childhood through the barrel organ and children get to know a bit of their grandparents' and great-grandparents' time.

Our professional barrel organ player will be the highlight at your event. Book the barrel organ to give your guests a special experience, because the barrel organ still has a special magic for people.

Whether you book the barrel organ man for an open day or for a trade fair event, he will always make sure that your event will be positively  on everyone's lips.

Suitable for the barrel organ, the barrel organ player will of course come to the event in a matching outfit. Book a stylish and charming experience for your guests.

Our barrel organ player will always be the centre of attention at your event and is thus also able to pass on your advertising messages. Thus, you can benefit several times over by booking our barrel organ player.

Book the barrel organ now for your event, such as shop opening, historical market, city festival, artists' market, open day, retirement home, golden wedding, film production and much more...

barrel organ on wheels

The Outfit

barrel organ history

The History

The barrel organ - the special customer approach

Book our barrel organ e.g. for your open day and bring the customer approach to a new level. You enable your guests to have an extraordinary and positive experience with our barrel organ player.

You will be surprised, even people who did not intend to visit your company on the "open day" and happen to pass by, become attentive through the sound of the booked barrel organ and stop.

Often we could notice that additional guests / customers become aware of the event just through the sound of the barrel organ.

With our booked barrel organ you can get in touch with your potential customers in a very relaxed and unobtrusive way, the barrel organ player can deliver your advertising message or refer the prospect to you. 

The prospect who stops by will notice that you are giving him a special appreciation - the barrel organ of the 1920s.